6 Clemency Petitions Granted by Governor Rauner on March 30, 2018

On Good Friday of this year (March 30, 2018), Governor Bruce Rauner granted six (6) individuals Executive Clemency with Authorization to Expunge their decades old convictions. Three (3) convictions were for burglary, one (1) for retail theft, one (1) for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance and one (1) for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. One of the burglary cases dated back to 1959! The most recent conviction was for burglary, as well, but occurred in 1993. Three (3) of the cases were out of Cook County, one (1) from Massac County, one (1) from Peoria County and finally, one (1) from Randolph County.  Congratulations to these undoubtedly deserving individuals for receiving a true second chance.

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